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15 Fancy Dress And Cosplay Companies For Your Costume Needs

Making cosplay from scratch can be fun, but it definitely isn’t for everyone.

Cosplay is about having fun as your favourite character. If slaving away over a cosplay for hours while your hand cramps from sewing sounds like your idea of hell, you’re not alone! There are many alternatives.

Fancy Dress companies around the world have plenty of costumes that can suit your needs – and your budget. We’ve found 15 companies with costumes from books, film, tv, games, and anime and more. So you’ll be sure to find your perfect option.

There are cheap options, expensive options, even professional options.

We can’t wait to see you in costume at the next comic convention event!


15. Cosplay Company

Cosplay Company began in 2011. They take inspiration from pop culture and create a brilliant range of outfits to suit any need.

They create costumes that are high-quality and last even the most hectic comic convention. They have a kean eye for practicality too.

They stock t-shirts, dresses, full costumes accessories and more.

Visit Cosplay Company


14. Light In The Box

If you’re looking for cheap fix for comic con, then Light In The Box is for you.

They carry thousands of costumes and accessories, all for a cheap price. They have wigs, shoes, masks, full character costumes, and basic items to help you make your own.

Delivery takes a while so make sure you order in advance.

Visit Light In The Box


13. Hellocosplay

Hellocosplay is a Chinese based cosplay company with a considerable amount of pop culture costumes. From Sherlock Holmes to Sailor Moon, Deadpool to Devil May Cry.

Hellocosplay are a cosplay manufacturer meaning your costume is coming straight from the factory. Because of this, deliveries may take a little longer.

Visit HelloCosplay


12. Toynk

Toynk are probably best known in the UK as the stand with the themed mystery boxes. However, in the US, they have a vast array of merchandise for sale, and were recently behind the viral Golden Girls costumes.

Toynk have a small but mighty range of cosplay costumes from popular franchises.


Visit Toynk


11. Cosplay Shopper

Cosplay Shopper has a range of deluxe cosplay costumes from a huge range of anime. They have custom made and ready-to-buy costumes.

Cosplay Shopper prides itself on supplying quality cosplay costumes with fast shipping and delivery.

Visit Cosplay Shopper


10. Jokers’ Masquerade

Joker’s Masquerade sells over 13,000 products – so they have pretty much everything you need. Their Film and TV costumes cover an incredible range, from the Addams Family to The Shining, Captain America and beyond.

For a last-minute outfit or a base to make something bigger, Joker’s Masquerade has the perfect collection.

Visit Jokers' Masquerade


9. RoleCosplay

RoleCosplay’s aim is to make your cosplay dreams come to life. Started by a group of Anime fans, RoleCosplay boasts thousands of costumes ready to make your dreams come true.

While the main warehouse is in China, they also have some of their bestsellers in US and UK based warehouses for cheaper shipping.

Visit Role Cosplay


8. Simply Fancy Dress

Simply Fancy Dress give superb fancy dress costumes with no faff. They pretty much live up to their name. They have a huge range of superhero and movie costumes that are ready to wear. As they are UK based, you can get your order the next day.

 Visit Simply Fancy Dress

7. CosplaySky

CosplaySky specialise in tailor-made costumes. They have a massive range of costumes on their website, but also take commissions too.

CosplaySky is another manufacturer based costume company, meaning your costumes will be shipped straight from the factory it’s made in. Deliveries will take a little longer as they are shipped from China, but it means you can have a much cheaper price.

Visit Cosplay Sky

6. ProCosplay

ProCosplay is a professional cosplay company that specialises in high quality, high detailed designs.

They provide cosplay from a massive amount of anime and cartoon costumes, as well as gothic dresses, lolita dresses, Japanese uniforms, sailor suits and more.

Visit Procosplay


5. Etsy

If you’re willing to splash out a little more for a hand made outfit, then Etsy is the place for you. If you’re unfamiliar with Etsy, it’s an online marketplace where artists and small businesses can post their items for sale.

There are hundreds of beautiful costumes, accessories and more that can be custom made or customised to your wishes.

Visit Etsy


4. EZ Cosplay

EZ Cosplay started up in 2009. Lei Wang and his sister Stella started the company with just two tailors. Today, they have over 100 tailors working with them, and over 3000 costumes listed on the website.

They hope to provide top-quality costumes with friendly customer service. You can give custom measurements or choose from their standard sizes.

Their costume range covers anime, video games, film, Disney and more!

As they make costumes to order, it may take a while to be delivered. Make sure you order in plenty of time.

Visit EZ Cosplay



Launched in 2001, is a sister company of Angels Costumes, a film and TV costume hire company based in London.

While primarily known for their incredible Halloween range, yhey have a vast amount of costumes for all occasions, including many that are perfect for comic conventions. From Superheroes to Film costumes, they have you covered.

They even have free delivery on orders over £60!

They also have an incredible costume makeup range, and their own brand fake blood is the best in the industry.



Miccostumes is an excellent place for anime and cartoon costumes that the mainstream fancy dress shops don’t have.

They have beautiful and affordable cosplay costumes, cosplay wigs, lolita costumes, mascot costumes, and zentai suits. Costume are made to order, so make sure you order at least 30 days in advance.

With a lot of sizes covered, and new costumes added every week, is a great place to find a costume for comic con!


Visit Miccostumes

1.      Angels Fancy Dress

Angels Fancy Dress are the oldest costume suppliers in the country. Their parent company, Angels Costumes, was founded in 1840 by Morris Angel, and the Angel family still run the company today.

Angels Costumes is a film and TV costume company, supplying films like Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Titanic, Game Of Thrones and more.

The fancy dress company is a favourite amongst many UK celebrities – from Stephen Fry to Nicole Scherzinger.

They sell costumes, but it’s the hire side we love the most about Angels Fancy Dress.

Their hire stock comes from the same warehouse as the Film and TV side of the company. You’ll never know who hired your costume before. Once, a monk's robe hired out by the fancy dress shop turned out to have been Obi-Wan Kenobi’s robe as worn by Alec Guinness. Amazing right?

Visit Angels Fancy Dress


Written by Lydia Carrick

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