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10 Really Simple Cosplay Ideas For Men

Sometimes you need a quick cosplay. Perhaps you left it waaaay too long to make a costume before a convention. Or maybe you have an impromptu photoshoot coming up.

We’ve pulled together 10 simple cosplay ideas for men.

10. Rick or Morty from Rick and Morty

The surreal sci-fi show has been taking the world by storm. The show follows the adventures of mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty as they cause chaos across the cosmos.

Rick’s outfit is pretty simple. Just everyday clothing plus a wig and science coat, which you can get from any fancy dress shop with next day delivery.

Morty is just a t-shirt and jeans, but you could jazz it up with an eyepatch and wires to become evil Morty.


9. Trainers From Pokemon

There is an abundance of pokemon trainers from different generations which are very easy to replicate.

Brock, for example, just wears brown trousers, an orange top and a green body warmer. All of these can be found in high street stores or charity shops. The blue backpack can be found online.


Ash wears blue shorts, a white t-shirt, which can be found in high street stores. The hat and jacket can easily be found online.


8. Link from Legend of Zelda

There are loads of Link cosplay kits online that will suit any budget. Link is a widely recognised character, and the outfit is relatively comfy. This makes it a perfect choice for cosplay beginners.


7. Mario and Luigi From The Mario Games

Mario and Luigi are pretty simple cosplay costumes. Dungarees and tops are very easy to source from local shops or online.

The hat and moustaches can usually be found on Amazon or fancy dress stores.


6. Clark Kent From Superman

This simple cosplay needs a superman t-shirt and a long-sleeve white shirt.

If you wanted to push it further, some black hairspray and some think frames will add an extra touch to this costume.


5. Anyone From Naruto

Ok, we are cheating a bit with this one. Due to the mega popularity of Naruto, the costumes are available at most cosplay stores.

From Naruto himself through to Kakashi and more, most Naruto costumes can be easily sourced. Plus they are pretty comfy too.


4. The Joker From Batman

Joker costumes are everywhere! You can easily find a full costume in fancy dress shops or look for a purple suit online.

The makeup may look tricky, but honestly, it is easy to pick up. There are a whole host of tutorials online to help guide you through the process.


3. Wreck-It Ralph

“I’m gonna wreck it!” Wreck-It Ralph’s outfit is really just an orange t-shirt and a brown pair of dungarees. You can pretty much find these anywhere.

If you really want to go all out, you can paint a pair of Hulk gloves to give yourself Wreck-it Ralph’s giant hands.


2. L From Death Note

Death Note is the gateway drug to anime for many. L is a world-renowned detective brought in to find the mass murder “Kira”.

L’s outfit is pretty simple, just a white top and black tracksuit bottoms. But it is the black hair and dark marks under his eyes that gives this character away.


1. Marty McFly

All you need for this iconic character is a check shirt, jeans, denim jacket and a bright orange body warmer. If you wanted to go all out, hats and hoverboards are available online.


Written by Lydia Carrick

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