comic conventions


What is Comic Con?

Comic Conventions, or Comic Cons, are large events which focus around popular culture with devoted fanbases, such as Star Wars, Pokemon, or Disney. The events usually take place in a convention centre, and have stalls that sell merchandise, comics and artwork.

How Much Are Comic Con Tickets?

It depends on the convention you are going to. Smaller, local conventions are usually around £10-£20 per day. Larger conventions, like MCM Comic Con are usually £25-£35 a day.

Are Comic Con Tickets Hard To Get?

Nope. You can book them online. Most conventions usually sell out about 2 weeks before the event.

Can Anyone Attend Comic Con?

Of course! You don’t need to be a member of the press, a cosplay celebrity or a super geek to attend comic con. Everyone is welcome!

Which Comic Con is the biggest?

San Diego Comic Con is the biggest and most famous in the world. However, in the UK, MCM London is probably the largest, followed by London Film and Comic Con. EGX is the largest gaming convention in the UK.

Can I Dress Up?

Yes! Most conventions encourage cosplayers to turn up in costume. Make sure you check the convention rules, as some have strict dress codes for security reasons.

Do I Have To Dress Up?

Not at all. Conventions are all about having fun. If dressing up isn’t something you fancy, then plain clothes are perfectly fine!